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January 2019
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Impressed with Olaplex
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Posted by: Vinman @ 11:25 am

How many of you realize how hard it is to impress a professional? Recently, we asked one of our pros to perform an Olaplex service on another one of our professional cosmetologists and here is what she had to say:

“My experience with Olaplex at D’maj Beauty Salon & Spa was quite relaxing and enjoyable. Megan Jewett, my coworker, was amazing. At the beginning of the process, at the shampoo bowl, Megan was very thorough in getting the Olaplex evenly distributed throughout my hair. She gave me a very relaxing head massage while getting the Olaplex into my roots and ends. As we waited for the Olaplex to do its job, Megan kept me occupied with conversation. The time flew by. My hair has never looked nor felt better, ever. The overall experience with both the product and with Megan was one I would recommend to anyone. Throughout the entire process, Megan explained everything she was doing, why she was doing it, and what the result of doing it would be. It’s great working alongside other professionals.” - Tamara Talbert…

We strive to be the best here at D’maj Beauty Salon & Spa. Professionals stand above the rest. It takes much more to be a professional than simply knowing what you are doing. It takes looking your best, treating clients with respect, studying your trade and understanding the philosophies of the industry you’re in. It takes this and more to earn the right to be referred to as a pro and it doesn’t happen overnight. We have many, many years of combined experience to pull from.

Rest assured that when you come to D’maj Beauty to take advantage of the knowledge our cosmetologists have, you will find that your hard-earned dollars go further and that your experience rises above much of what you have experienced in other salons. Don’t hesitate to book with us. Simply go to www.vagaro.com/dmajbeauty or download the Vagaro app to your phone. See you soon…

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