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January 2019
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Summer Hair Management
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Posted by: Vinman @ 11:56 am

Memorial Day traditionally marks the beginning of summer. D’maj Beauty Salon has many things going on, all designed to enhance your services and consequently, your appearance.

Appearance isn’t all that comes into play when we talk about haircare. Haircare is more than just how we look, it’s about keeping our hair healthy, clean, and protected from natures sometimes harsh elements, such as rays from our awesome sun and salt from our amazing oceans.

D’maj Beauty Salon offers products that protect your hair from damaging UV Rays. We don’t always think about our hair in this way, but it’s true; the same way we protect our skin with SPF 20, 30, 40, etc, we also have to apply products to our hair that protect it from the same UV Rays. D’maj Beauty Salon has these products in stock.

There are measurable steps we can take to protect our hair from the ravages of salt, as well. Let’s face it, salt is a pretty powerful mineral that both preserves and destroys, dependent upon what steps we take to control it and/or utilize it. D’maj Beauty Salon uses color and haircare products that encapsulate the hair, significantly protecting it from the damage that salt can bring. Just like tanning aids and protectants, our products can be taken along to the beach and applied periodically to protect your hair.

Come see us at D’maj Beauty Salon. We’ll consult with you to find ways to enhance your appearance, show you how to prolong your appearance, and help you understand the various ways you can protect your hair from our world’s sun and sea…

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