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January 2019
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That Springtime Feeling
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Posted by: Vincent @ 3:07 pm

Spring is awesome. After a long, boxed in winter, it feels so good to venture out and enjoy the spring air. Somehow, it brings on a sense of greater freedom.

That same feeling of freedom we experience, more often than not, leads us to a need for change. Clearing out the closets, the garage, and the shed are common this time of year. Bringing out and cleaning up the toys and machinery we had to put away for the winter is something we tend to look forward to, as well. Heading to the clothing and shoe stores are also common in spring.

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves, however, is change how we see and feel about ourselves. Visiting our stylist for a fresh cut, a new style, and a gorgeous spring color, can literally put spring into every single step we take. One visit can lead us to new adventures be it work, school, or family.

Whatever you envision your new look to be, D’maj Beauty Salon is here to help you achieve it. Check our website at www.dmajbeauty.com or our Facebook page at www.fb.com/dmajbeauty for daily and weekly specials and discounts. You can call the salon at 904-342-2580 or simply book online at www.vagaro.com/dmajbeauty.

Be sure, too, to check out our newest videos for spring styling ideas. Whether you choose one of our video looks, a look you see in your mind, or a look recommended by one of our professional stylists, we will make it happen.

Please do not hesitate. We’re looking forward to meeting each and every one of you…

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