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January 2019
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Doing it wrong-Working on multiple clients at one time
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Posted by: Vincent @ 8:43 am

As a salon owner, my focus and attention is on the client, without compromising the integrity of my stylists. There are two faults with working on multiple clients at a time: one, the client wants and expects your full attention for their hard-earned money. Second, it all but eliminates the stylists opportunity for decent break time throughout the day.

We can always work harder and harder, making more and more money until one day we’re in the hospital being told we have to slow down or worse, in a grave. We are responsible for our own health and well-being and if our employer cares about us and our longevity, he or she does, too.

Here is a simple scenario: You walk over to the clerk in a a store to ask a question. As you’re speaking, the store phone rings and the clerk says hold on, maybe waves a forefinger at you, then picks up the phone to speak with that client. This happens to all of us and lets face it, we hate it! So why would we expect our salon clients to like it any better when we are moving from one client to another? And what about sanitation or cleanliness? Don’t think for a moment your client is thrilled about you rubbing your hands through one persons head and then through theirs.

There are some bad habits stylists pick up along their career path and working on multiple clients at a time is most definitely one of them. To qualify, however, I do believe it is perfectly fine to work a simple service in during processing time. If it’s just a simple cut, eyebrow wax, manicure, fine. If you think it’s okay to work in another color, partial highlights…you’re wrong. If you’re in the habit of doing multiple colors at one time, you have already screwed up a clients hair and just aren’t able to acknowledge it.

It’s a bad idea and a bad practice and the truth of the matter is no one but you, the stylist, is okay with it.

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