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January 2019
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New Hire - Joan
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Posted by: Vincent @ 10:01 am

D’maj Beauty Salon welcomes Joan Salisbury. Joan’s former employer was forced to relocate due to hurricane Mathew, leaving Joan to find a new location that would allow her to provide the level of service to her clients that they had grown accustomed to. Thankfully, Joan came into D’maj Beauty Salon to talk with us.

Many of you know Joan as another of St Augustine’s top professional cosmetologists. Joan has been through it all over the years, always staying abreast of the latest in style and technique. Her work is amazing and her addition to our team of professionals, means that D’maj Beauty Salon now employs three of St Augustine’s top colorists and stylists. Joan’s many years of experience brings our combined level of experience at D’maj Beauty Salon to well over 100 years. You will be hard-pressed to find a better, safer salon to provide services to you and your family. We are very pleased to offer our fabulous community this level of expertise.

Come visit D’maj Beauty Salon soon and say hi to Joan and the others. We offer a very comfortable waiting area with free WiFi, a small variety of refreshments, and reading materials for women and men.

See you soon!

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New Hire - Megan
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Posted by: Vincent @ 11:01 am

D’maj Beauty Salon has rehired Megan Jewett. Those of you who know Megan, know she is an excellent, highly rated cosmetologist in the St Augustine and surrounding areas.

Megan left us a while back to address personal issues. When she returned to talk with us, we were happy and excited to bring her in with us once again. Her skills are phenomenal. Both Loretta and I have been in and around the cosmetology industry most of our lives and we recognize real talent when we see it.

We have several goals here at D’maj Beauty, not the least of which is to provide our clients with exceptional, high quality services. Make an appointment to come see Megan…you’ll be glad you did.

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