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January 2019
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Impressed with Olaplex
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Posted by: Vinman @ 11:25 am

How many of you realize how hard it is to impress a professional? Recently, we asked one of our pros to perform an Olaplex service on another one of our professional cosmetologists and here is what she had to say:

“My experience with Olaplex at D’maj Beauty Salon & Spa was quite relaxing and enjoyable. Megan Jewett, my coworker, was amazing. At the beginning of the process, at the shampoo bowl, Megan was very thorough in getting the Olaplex evenly distributed throughout my hair. She gave me a very relaxing head massage while getting the Olaplex into my roots and ends. As we waited for the Olaplex to do its job, Megan kept me occupied with conversation. The time flew by. My hair has never looked nor felt better, ever. The overall experience with both the product and with Megan was one I would recommend to anyone. Throughout the entire process, Megan explained everything she was doing, why she was doing it, and what the result of doing it would be. It’s great working alongside other professionals.” - Tamara Talbert…

We strive to be the best here at D’maj Beauty Salon & Spa. Professionals stand above the rest. It takes much more to be a professional than simply knowing what you are doing. It takes looking your best, treating clients with respect, studying your trade and understanding the philosophies of the industry you’re in. It takes this and more to earn the right to be referred to as a pro and it doesn’t happen overnight. We have many, many years of combined experience to pull from.

Rest assured that when you come to D’maj Beauty to take advantage of the knowledge our cosmetologists have, you will find that your hard-earned dollars go further and that your experience rises above much of what you have experienced in other salons. Don’t hesitate to book with us. Simply go to www.vagaro.com/dmajbeauty or download the Vagaro app to your phone. See you soon…

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Summer Hair Management
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Posted by: Vinman @ 11:56 am

Memorial Day traditionally marks the beginning of summer. D’maj Beauty Salon has many things going on, all designed to enhance your services and consequently, your appearance.

Appearance isn’t all that comes into play when we talk about haircare. Haircare is more than just how we look, it’s about keeping our hair healthy, clean, and protected from natures sometimes harsh elements, such as rays from our awesome sun and salt from our amazing oceans.

D’maj Beauty Salon offers products that protect your hair from damaging UV Rays. We don’t always think about our hair in this way, but it’s true; the same way we protect our skin with SPF 20, 30, 40, etc, we also have to apply products to our hair that protect it from the same UV Rays. D’maj Beauty Salon has these products in stock.

There are measurable steps we can take to protect our hair from the ravages of salt, as well. Let’s face it, salt is a pretty powerful mineral that both preserves and destroys, dependent upon what steps we take to control it and/or utilize it. D’maj Beauty Salon uses color and haircare products that encapsulate the hair, significantly protecting it from the damage that salt can bring. Just like tanning aids and protectants, our products can be taken along to the beach and applied periodically to protect your hair.

Come see us at D’maj Beauty Salon. We’ll consult with you to find ways to enhance your appearance, show you how to prolong your appearance, and help you understand the various ways you can protect your hair from our world’s sun and sea…

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That Springtime Feeling
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Posted by: Vincent @ 3:07 pm

Spring is awesome. After a long, boxed in winter, it feels so good to venture out and enjoy the spring air. Somehow, it brings on a sense of greater freedom.

That same feeling of freedom we experience, more often than not, leads us to a need for change. Clearing out the closets, the garage, and the shed are common this time of year. Bringing out and cleaning up the toys and machinery we had to put away for the winter is something we tend to look forward to, as well. Heading to the clothing and shoe stores are also common in spring.

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves, however, is change how we see and feel about ourselves. Visiting our stylist for a fresh cut, a new style, and a gorgeous spring color, can literally put spring into every single step we take. One visit can lead us to new adventures be it work, school, or family.

Whatever you envision your new look to be, D’maj Beauty Salon is here to help you achieve it. Check our website at www.dmajbeauty.com or our Facebook page at www.fb.com/dmajbeauty for daily and weekly specials and discounts. You can call the salon at 904-342-2580 or simply book online at www.vagaro.com/dmajbeauty.

Be sure, too, to check out our newest videos for spring styling ideas. Whether you choose one of our video looks, a look you see in your mind, or a look recommended by one of our professional stylists, we will make it happen.

Please do not hesitate. We’re looking forward to meeting each and every one of you…

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Doing it wrong-Working on multiple clients at one time
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Posted by: Vincent @ 8:43 am

As a salon owner, my focus and attention is on the client, without compromising the integrity of my stylists. There are two faults with working on multiple clients at a time: one, the client wants and expects your full attention for their hard-earned money. Second, it all but eliminates the stylists opportunity for decent break time throughout the day.

We can always work harder and harder, making more and more money until one day we’re in the hospital being told we have to slow down or worse, in a grave. We are responsible for our own health and well-being and if our employer cares about us and our longevity, he or she does, too.

Here is a simple scenario: You walk over to the clerk in a a store to ask a question. As you’re speaking, the store phone rings and the clerk says hold on, maybe waves a forefinger at you, then picks up the phone to speak with that client. This happens to all of us and lets face it, we hate it! So why would we expect our salon clients to like it any better when we are moving from one client to another? And what about sanitation or cleanliness? Don’t think for a moment your client is thrilled about you rubbing your hands through one persons head and then through theirs.

There are some bad habits stylists pick up along their career path and working on multiple clients at a time is most definitely one of them. To qualify, however, I do believe it is perfectly fine to work a simple service in during processing time. If it’s just a simple cut, eyebrow wax, manicure, fine. If you think it’s okay to work in another color, partial highlights…you’re wrong. If you’re in the habit of doing multiple colors at one time, you have already screwed up a clients hair and just aren’t able to acknowledge it.

It’s a bad idea and a bad practice and the truth of the matter is no one but you, the stylist, is okay with it.

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St Augustine Fashion Week Spring 2017
Filed under: Community Involvement
Posted by: Vincent @ 1:16 pm

D’maj Beauty Salon was happy to once again participate in this years St. Augustine Fashion Week. It is such a wonderful privilege to help present fashion and beauty to the beautiful people of Saint Augustine, Florida and surrounding areas. Great job with another show well done Nic Creech and thank you for the fabulous pictures you took Mark Cubbedge. I feel confident I speak for everyone involved when I say we’re already looking forward to the next show. Lori Ann Kaczmarek.

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New Hire - Joan
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Posted by: Vincent @ 10:01 am

D’maj Beauty Salon welcomes Joan Salisbury. Joan’s former employer was forced to relocate due to hurricane Mathew, leaving Joan to find a new location that would allow her to provide the level of service to her clients that they had grown accustomed to. Thankfully, Joan came into D’maj Beauty Salon to talk with us.

Many of you know Joan as another of St Augustine’s top professional cosmetologists. Joan has been through it all over the years, always staying abreast of the latest in style and technique. Her work is amazing and her addition to our team of professionals, means that D’maj Beauty Salon now employs three of St Augustine’s top colorists and stylists. Joan’s many years of experience brings our combined level of experience at D’maj Beauty Salon to well over 100 years. You will be hard-pressed to find a better, safer salon to provide services to you and your family. We are very pleased to offer our fabulous community this level of expertise.

Come visit D’maj Beauty Salon soon and say hi to Joan and the others. We offer a very comfortable waiting area with free WiFi, a small variety of refreshments, and reading materials for women and men.

See you soon!

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New Hire - Megan
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Posted by: Vincent @ 11:01 am

D’maj Beauty Salon has rehired Megan Jewett. Those of you who know Megan, know she is an excellent, highly rated cosmetologist in the St Augustine and surrounding areas.

Megan left us a while back to address personal issues. When she returned to talk with us, we were happy and excited to bring her in with us once again. Her skills are phenomenal. Both Loretta and I have been in and around the cosmetology industry most of our lives and we recognize real talent when we see it.

We have several goals here at D’maj Beauty, not the least of which is to provide our clients with exceptional, high quality services. Make an appointment to come see Megan…you’ll be glad you did.

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The Independent Contractor, 1099 Employee, “Booth” Renter
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Posted by: Vincent @ 3:27 pm

The Independent Contractor, 1099 Employee, “Booth” Renter

As you can see, it’s been some time since we’ve written anything on our blog. Truth of the matter is, we’ve been very busy.

My name is Vince. I am one of the owners of D’maj Beauty Salon. Today I want to share a concern of mine with all of you; independent contractors, 1099 employees, or “booth” (or chair) renters, as they are sometimes known.

D’maj Beauty Salon does not rent booths or chairs to hairstylists. With respect to hairstylists, we are an hourly and commissioned salon only. This means that the hairstylists in our salon work for us and not for themselves.

We have all heard of the “independent contractor” or “1099” employee and truthfully, I have no objection to this practice, as long as it is done within the confines of the law. If a stylist chooses to be independent, more power to them. It should be known, though, that when it is done correctly, it really isn’t all that.

According to law, an independent contractor is self-employed. The individual must file with the IRS to either receive a tax identification number, or to indicate that they will use their social security number as their tax ID number. In either case, they must be registered with the IRS.

Additionally, I called the City of St Augustine and simply asked, “does an independent contractor or 1099 employee working in St Augustine require their own business license” and the answer came without hesitation; “Yes, they are required to have their own business license and county business license.” The city employee went on to add,”…and the licenses must be displayed where they work or presented upon request of anyone asking.” I asked specifically about stylists renting a booth or chair…the answer was the same.

It goes without saying that the majority of stylists working in our community as independent contractors or 1099 employees, otherwise known as “booth” renters, are neither registered with the IRS or possess City or County business licenses. How long have we been told or should I say warned, to be sure that the people we contract with or that provide services to us are properly licensed?

What about insurance? One of the reasons we are constantly warned about independent contractors, is because many of them are not properly and adequately insured and in most cases, not insured at all. This means they possess no liability coverage.

Let’s face it, when you enter a salon for services, your expectation is that the people providing services for you are properly licensed and insured. The reality is, many of them are not. My concern is that no one cares enough to protect the consumer. It is all left to the salons to either conduct business the right way or not and unfortunately, most salon owners do not have the discipline to make themselves do what is right.

The cosmetology industry does nothing to regulate and police this illicit behavior. As an example, while D’maj Beauty Salon maintains very tight sanitary processes and adheres to strict procedural policies, our salon hasn’t been inspected by state officials representing the cosmetology industry in almost 2 years. I have called the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and asked for an inspection and they simply tell me that “someone will be out within a two year period.” I strongly suspect no one will be coming around from the state anytime soon. They almost seemed annoyed by my call.

On a local level, county and city officials do not seem to concern themselves with stylists that are conducting business throughout the county and the city without proper licensing. In essence, proper licensing comes down to being required only by those individuals wishing to conduct business lawfully and morally.

The reality is that if your stylist is an independent contractor, 1099 employee, “booth” or “chair” renter, the odds are quite high they have neither a business license to conduct business or liability insurance to help you in the event they make a terrible mistake while providing your services. State government, county government, city government; they have all left it up to you to heed the warnings we have received for decades about asking for proper licenses and asking for proper insurance coverage.

It’s a hassle asking for these documents because in many cases, it’s a bit outside our comfort zones. We all place ourselves, sooner or later, in circumstances we would rather not be in. Such as having to ask a person who has provided our haircare services over an extended period, to show us their license and ask if they have insurance.

Generally, the owners of salons that bring in independent contractors or that rent “booths” to stylists, are themselves properly insured and licensed, but the stylists renting the booth must have their own licenses and insurance. Further, to qualify as an independent contractor or 1099 employee or “booth” renter, the stylist must have full autonomy. Meaning they must be able to set their own hours, they must supply their own products, their own tools, collect their own fees, etc., unless they have agreed to a contract with the salon owners that specifies otherwise and the truth is, many of these stylists are functioning without such a contract.

Another reality check is that salon owners more often than not, treat the independent contractor or 1099 employee as a paid or commissioned employee, requiring them to use certain products and charge certain fees for services, as well as collecting the stylist’s client list in a digital format. This is highly illegal and terribly risky, especially as it concerns the IRS. Salon owners that hire independent contractors or 1099 employees or rent booths, are not required to pay that individuals taxes or employment taxes, which in essence is why they do it. What it comes down to is that they are claiming an independent contractor, but treating them as their own employee, all while not paying any of the associated taxes required by law.

This practice totally undermines and diminishes the hard work that stylists do. Most of the stylists out there do not track their earnings correctly. Left to their own accord, most of them will not claim their tips as income or for that matter, report any cash earning as income. What this does is reduces their claimed income to the point that they are unable to acquire decent loans for such things as a new car, a home, credit cards, etc. They do not receive W2’s from an employer and must use their tax returns for such things, which tend to reflect a very weak income as a result of their claimed earnings. As a client, you are not helping a stylist by paying them in cash or providing them with cash tips, knowing they are not going to claim that money as income. What this is doing is perpetuating their continued efforts to circumvent well established laws, thereby undermining their own careers as professional cosmetologists. Few of us need be told the advantage to a person when we compel them to do the right things. More often than not, it helps make them a better person and in this case, it most certainly would.

Continuing education and participation in industry shows and events, is also a challenge for these stylists because their participation in these processes comes out of their own earnings. This means your independent or 1099 stylists likely is not up on the latest trends and safety processes.

The independent stylist has no paid educational opportunities, no paid holidays, no paid vacations, and no paid benefits at all. The big question here is, why do so many stylists choose to be independent contractors or 1099 employees with these circumstances? Honestly, it makes little to no sense considering how the process functions in most known instances. It causes them to be credit challenged, which is a huge problem. They are wide open to personal lawsuits. They have no paid benefits. They risk their own and their family’s well-being by conducting business illegally without proper taxing and licensing, which is a huge risk to place yourself or your family in and lastly it puts you, the client, at a huge disadvantage with little to no protection at all from any errors that may occur. As a client, you would have great difficulty holding a salon owner accountable for errors when an independent contractor actually provided your services.

D’maj Beauty Salon looks out for its clients and for its employees. We provide a safe, sanitary, lawful environment for our clients and for our employees. We employee outside companies to handle our taxes, payroll, and legal matters. Our employees are provided with paid continuing education, paid access to industry events, paid holidays, and paid vacations. We will be providing 401k, medical, and disability benefits as our company grows.

We know at D’maj Beauty Salon that our success and growth relies totally upon the trust and satisfaction of our clients, the continued dedication and enthusiasm of our employees, and the lawful processes we employ. We do have high standards and so working for us is easy, only as long as it’s understood that our policies will be followed and done correctly, in accordance with industry standards, and in accordance with laws. Many stylists in the industry will not be up for this challenge, especially if they have grown comfortable functioning outside of the law, which unfortunately many have.

If you are an independent contractor, 1099 employee, or “booth” renter and this article doesn’t scare you, it should. Sooner or later our laws catch up with us, and we all know this. If you’ve been breaking these laws for a decade, it does not mean they won’t eventually catch up with you and it more likely means they are closer to it than you think. The IRS has stated very clearly that if they catch a stylist conducting business in this manner, they will conduct a thorough audit of that stylist, the owner(s) of the salon, other persons within that salon, and all past employees of that salon. Bear in mind it takes only a single phone call to the IRS from a disgruntled client, yours or another employees, to trigger these events. This information is readily available on the IRS website. What this means is that even working for a salon that isn’t following the laws, can lead you to a seriously unwanted investigation of yourself by the IRS. Your best bet as a law abiding citizen, is to leave that salon the very moment you realize they are not following the laws. You have to protect yourself and your family from such a legal and financial crises.

It’s time to stop fooling around. Clients, you need to protect yourselves, too. Follow the advice all of us have received for decades; make sure your contractor is properly licensed and insured. Stylists, stop wasting your time and working so hard for so little in return. You think that renting a “booth” gives you freedoms that in reality, do not exist. You aren’t earning more money because you are paying for everything out-of-pocket. You are in violation of a number of laws, any one of which can catch up with you at any time. You are taking too many risks and have made yourselves weak and fearful in the process.

This article is intended to enlighten, not accuse anyone in particular. The problems noted are widespread, not localized. It is up to each of us to garner the strength needed to conduct ourselves honorably. It’s not always easy, but we absolutely have to make every attempt to do so. If the industry and local governments will not correctly enforce compliance of its licensees and ensure regulatory compliance respectively, we then are obligated to correctly and honorably regulate ourselves. The best of luck to all of us who try and to our collective successes…

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What is “fried” hair?
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Posted by: Vincent @ 5:05 pm

If a summer of fun in the sun has wreaked havoc on your hair, fear not…

Most of us are quick to acknowledge the need to protect our skin from the rigors of summer heat and sun. But come Labor Day a quick glance in the mirror frequently lets us know what we forgot to protect — our hair.

Indeed, a season of exposure to sun, salt water, and chlorine chemical residues can come together to wreak havoc on our tresses. By the end of the summer, experts say hair can become so dehydrated it looks and feels nearly fried.

From a technical standpoint, there’s a protective coating on hair called the hydrolipidic film; if you have dry hair, that film is broken down somewhat anyway, but when you add sun, salt water, and chlorine, you can destroy the film altogether.

The end result, is that moisture located deep in the core of the hair shaft evaporates — and in what seems like one “poof” your “pouf” can be gone. Hair looks, feels, acts, and actually is, crying out for moisture.

It means hair not only has a dry look and feel, but can also be frizzy, unmanageable, have problems holding a curl or style, and even take longer to dry. In its worst form, damage causes the ends of the hair to split and breakage can begin.

When hair dehydrates it becomes brittle and when it becomes brittle you get the broken split ends that go up the hair shaft and cause fuzziness and frizziness and sometimes breakage; it’s a cumulative process.

Like skin, hair is comprised of proteins that need moisture to function. But, unlike skin which has its own supply of moisture from within, hair is dead, so once the moisture is gone — it’s gone.

Problems are further complicated if we use the wrong products in our hair. That’s because our natural supply of oil resides in the pigment. Using the wrong products will strip out the natural oils.

This leaves the hair wide open to the environment — so not only are you pulling out the oils, which dries the hair, but you are also making it more vulnerable to the elements, which can cause even more dryness and eventually damage.

Visiting a professional hair stylist regularly will help assure your hair stays healthy and well hydrated. Spending money on lessor products available in grocery and discount stores and attempting specialized services at home can, and more often than not does more damage to our hair than it helps.

Make an appointment with D’maj Beauty today and protect your hair not only through the summer months, but all year long. We use only the finest European products that are comprised of an advanced blend of Quinoa, natural oils and vitamins. These ingredients combine with silk amino acids to deeply immerse hair in moisture and nutrients. Our products are 100% Vegan, Sulfate free, paraben free, gluten free, DEA free, sodium chloride free, and contain powerful anti-aging properties, thermal & UV protectants, are weightless and will not build up. Best of all, they’re competitively priced and affordable.

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Introducing 5 Minute Highlights!
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Posted by: Vincent @ 10:45 am

 D’maj Beauty Salon is always in search of innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for our clients. From Milan, Italy comes our latest offering, DeColor B Shimmer. A proprietary blend of products that enables us to offer you, our most valuable client, a quick and easy way to add depth and dimension to any hairstyle. Call the salon at (904) 342-2580 to speak with a stylist.

Questions & Answers

1. Who is the ideal client for a SHIMMER service?
SHIMMER can be used on 100% of clients who have color treated or natural hair.

2. Is SHIMMER a permanent lightening/highlighting service?
YES! It will stay in just as a regular hair color service does.

3. Is 5 minutes the processing time?
NO. There is no processing time with SHIMMER past the flat ironing.

4. Then what is the 5 minute start to finish?
The 5 minutes is the approximate amount of time it takes to perform the SHIMMER service, which includes up to 4 highlights.

5. Can SHIMMER be used on both color treated and natural hair?

6. How many levels of lift can I expect from SHIMMER?
Up to 2 levels.

7. Is there a certain level of hair color that SHIMMER works best on?
SHIMMER will work on all levels, adding beautiful dimension and shine. On darker levels, the results will be slightly less noticeable.

8. Can SHIMMER be used on any haircolor brand?

9. Can SHIMMER be applied to bleached or previously highlighted hair?
NO. We do not recommend SHIMMER on previously bleached, highlighted or compromised hair.

10. Will SHIMMER work on all ethnic hair types (African American, Asian, Spanish, etc.)?
YES! The only limitations are bleached and compromised hair.

11. Will SHIMMER stay on tone and not go Brassy or expose warmth?
YES!  What makes SHIMMER totally revolutionary is that the hair is lifted ON TONE!

12. Is SHIMMER as permanent as other permanent lightening done with foils or Balayage techniques?

13. Can SHIMMER be used on the same day as a Keratin Smoothing Service?
YES! A test strand with SHIMMER will be conducted.

14. Is SHIMMER recommended for full-head highlights?
YES. You can add as many highlights as you wish using SHIMMER for up to 2 levels of lift. Talk with your stylist about pricing for additional highlights.

15. Is the steam produced when using SHIMMER with a flat iron hazardous to my health?
NO. The small amount of steam that is produced when flat ironing the hair is non-toxic. It is just water permeated steam.

16. Can SHIMMER be used on the same day as a permanent wave or thio based relaxer (Silis)?
YES! A test strand will be conducted.

17. Can SHIMMER be used on hair that was lifted with Haircolor?

18. Can SHIMMER be used on hair that has been relaxed with a
Sodium/Calcium based relaxer?

19. What is SHIMMER?
SHIMMER is a unique combination of panthenol and powerful cationic conditioning agents that form a thermal protective shield, couples with hydrogen peroxide, scientifically tested and proven to work and protect the hair, lifting up to 2 levels on tone, from the research laboratories of framesi in Milan, Italy.

20. Can’t I just use peroxide?
NO! With a substitute peroxide, you run a high risk of burning the hair and causing irreparable damage. The unique SHIMMER formulation with the synergy of thermal conditioning ingredients results in 5 minute highlights, on tone, leaving the hair with the most beautiful condition and shine. NO other product will give you these results.

21. Since there is no rinsing after SHIMMER, is there a scent or lingering odor left in the hair after the service?
There is NO scent and NO lingering odor left on the hair after SHIMMER.

22. What ingredient makes SHIMMER lift on tone without exposing brassiness or warmth?
Italian magic

23. Is SHIMMER Vegan?
YES. SHIMMER is 100% Vegan

24. Is SHIMMER Gluten Free?
YES. SHIMMER is gluten free

25. Is the integrity of the hair safe even though flat ironing on wet hair?
YES! SHIMMER contains a unique combination of panthenol and powerful cationic conditioning agents that form a thermal protective shield on the hair to protect against the flat iron heat.

26. Will SHIMMER stop processing when the hair is dry, even out in the sunlight?
YES! Once SHIMMER is activated with the flat iron and the hair is dry, SHIMMER is no longer on the hair and the hair will not continue to lighten

27. Does SHIMMER work like products such as “Sun In Hair Lightener”?
NO!  SHIMMER is a proprietary blend of ingredients that allows the hair to quickly lift up to 2 levels on tone, leaving the hair in its natural pH state, with condition and shine. These “sun type” products typically lift the hair off tone, continue to work when exposed to the sun, dry out the hair and leave it in a damaged, bleached like state that cannot accept any additional chemical services.

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Posted by: Vincent @ 11:18 am

Lured by endorsements from celebrities and supermodels, consumers are clamoring for coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk and coconut-infused cocktails for weight loss, boosting heart health, reducing inflammation associated with arthritis, preventing cardiovascular and neurological diseases, and many other health benefits.

coconut2001.jpgCoconut Oil has also been found to offer amazing benefits for the hair and skin. 

Coconut Oil’s popularity appears to be the next new trend, but the truth is, coconut oil has been a primary ingredient in framesi color and developers for years.  The only cream color that offers the conditioning benefits of coconut oil, framesi color leaves the hair shinier than any other haircolor on the market.  Furthermore, because the coconut oil in the framesi color bases leaves the hair strong and undamaged, the color will last longer, and a coconut oil cream base will never build up on the hair and cause problems with future chemical services.

The Journal of Cosmetic Medicine proved back in 2003 what framesi chemists have always known. Coconut Oil offers protective and conditioning benefits that are far superior to those of other vegetable oils used in haircare. This data joined a multitude of findings on the advantages of coconut oil for both body and skin.  The reason this tropical oil makes your hair so soft and conditioned is because it can penetrate the hair fiber and minimize protein loss during a chemical service.  Not only does protein loss result in damage hair with reduced strength, resilience and shine, but it also affects color durability- the more protein is lost, the faster color will fade. 

Furthermore, Coconut oil is one of the best natural nutrients for your hair. It helps in healthy growth of hair and gives your hair a shiny quality. It is highly effective in reducing protein loss from hair’s daily wear and tear which can lead to various unattractive or unhealthy qualities in your hair.   Its unique composition allows it to penetrate the hair shaft, whereas other vegetable oils are too bulky to penetrate and merely coat the outside of the hair’s cuticle and build up.  Because of these great benefits, framesi has included Coconut Oil in all the FRAMESI COLOR LOVER cream conditioners.

From Nutrition to Skincare to Haircare, Coconut Oil is the Healthiest Oil on Earth.  This natural tropical oil has numerous health benefits, but the real benefit that framesi has recognized for years has been the superior performance of hair color that is formulated using a rich, coconut oil cream base. Now with Framesi COLOR LOVER conditioners, the benefits from Coconut Oil used daily will be immediately seen in healthier haircolor that lasts 95% longer. 

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Posted by: Vincent @ 5:30 pm

D’maj Beauty is a company for people, whose aim is to improve some aspects of people’s lives and the way they feel about themselves.

We endeavor to promote health and beauty, well-being, self-esteem and confidence at all levels, through honest and correct business practices.

This company is fully aware of the choices it makes and is committed to raising the standards of the sector, helping hair stylists upgrade their ethical and professional levels.

Because it acknowledges that people are the heart of everything and need social contacts and relationships, D’maj Beauty creates unique moments to share experiences. These encounters aim at personal growth and the development of individual creativity.

This company can offer its clients the best, thanks to the fine quality of the products it employs, the high professional levels of its services, and the solid experience of its collaborators, trainers and mentors.

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